Our Mission

To provide athlete representation that goes beyond contract negotiation.

Our mission is to revitalize the common athlete/agent relationship by providing a platform of extensive resources, which guide athletes through exceptional careers and lead them to meaningful lives post career. We strive to be the sports agency widely known for caring about all aspects of an athlete’s life.

Contract Negotiations

At NXT Sports our clients are involved in the process. NXT prides itself on transparency and integrity while negotiating contracts to put players in opportunities to succeed.

Mental Health Services

Our mental health experts have extensive experience working with professional athletes to optimize their sports performance and aid in their transitions into life beyond sports.

Financial Services

Each athlete requires a plan best suited for them. We've partnered with financial experts who developed a simple plan for all of our athletes to do what works best for them.

Athlete Representation

We represent each player with the attention they deserve to help them strive for the careers they envision. We strive to be the most caring, dedicated agency in sports.

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