Alexander Krushelnyski

Alex’s hockey knowledge and business enthusiasm have driven him to co-found the NXT Sports Group.  Using his athletic and academic experiences, he has a unique ability to relate to other athletes allowing him to bring out the best in them.  He is constantly seeking ways to improve the lives of others in the many different facets of life which ultimately led him to his new mission of helping current athletes not only pursue their athletic dreams but lead happy and fulfilling lives post career.

Alex played six seasons of professional hockey amassing a total of 335 career games played. His proudest professional moment came when he scored the longest goal in AHL history in 5th overtime. Before his professional career Alex was a member of the All Academic Scholar Athlete Team for all four years while enjoying a storied career at Colorado College.  He graduated in 2014 with a Degree in Economics. Prior to his collegiate career, Alex played two years in the USHL. Having played AAA, highschool hockey, local hockey, as well as baseball until choosing hockey at the age of 18, Alex believes in nurturing athletes’ talents. Because of what some might consider an unusual youth path to professional hockey, this led him on his mission to find an all encompassing approach to advising athletes to feed their purpose.

Alex maintains a very close relationship with his father Mike who was a four time Stanley Cup Champion while enjoying a 14 year long career in the NHL of nearly 1000 games. A member of the ’84 Oilers, The Greatest Team of the Century, he was also a part of the most famous trade in hockey history being traded with Gretzky to the LA Kings from Edmonton. Alex and his father, together, have experienced together the ups, the downs, the great moments and the tough times of the professional sporting world for a combined over 50 years. The bottom line is that Alex learned from experience, the athletic world can do a better job preparing and helping all athletes so they can succeed athletically while setting themselves up for life at the same time.

Athlete or not, humans get one shot at the life they want, they deserve to be surrounded with every tool to succeed. Our goal is to open doors for as many people as we can. By collaborating with experts who’ve dedicated their lives to this mission, at NXT he fundamentally believes that the sole purpose of representing players should be to help make their lives better in every way we can.