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Amateur Advising

NXT is leading the way.

The conversation is changing – and NXT is leading the way. Players want more, and parents want more. At NXT Sports Group, a youth athlete can immerse themselves in the ultimate amateur experience to grow as people and as athletes. We start the conversation early, and build our relationships to last.

What's the goal?

The goal of any athlete, whether professional or amateur, is to make it to the next level.  Whether your goal is to make a junior team, earn a D1 scholarship, or win a Stanley Cup, our job is to help you along the way, providing a launchpad to your own personal best.  Every athlete has their own talents and aspirations – but it starts at the beginning. Reach one goal, then begin to establish your next one.


How do you get there?

The path to success includes ample support from parents, coaches, and advisors to mindfully push athletes to achieve everything they are capable of. Placing an athlete in the right environment, where they can harness their skills, improve on their weaknesses, and gain confidence to prepare them for that next level, is critical in youth hockey and can be facilitated with the help of an advisor – someone who has been through the process themselves and can provide the right guidance.

How do you improve?

By nurturing an athlete’s talent from within, it will foster their desire to succeed. Our advisors know first hand how important it is for youth athletes to find the path best suited for the hockey player and the person. Whether that means USHL, OHL, WHL, NCAA – understanding which path is best and which to pursue is critical for any player. We can help facilitate an athlete’s improvement by providing added resources while you go on to play with your respective teams.



We believe in 1%. The work ethic of a pro is incomparable – their dedication to improve every single day is what separates them from others. Our message to our athletes is simple; reach and reestablish new personal bests. You can get 1% better every day, and little by little you will reach one goal, and begin a new one. Continual forward momentum is essential to building your career for success and longevity.

NXT Amateur Team

Once you’re a part of the NXT amateur team, your experience begins. Athletes and their families will gain access to our 1-on-1 mentoring, in addition to our unique tool set of resources. From there the journey begins, and you’ll have our experienced team guiding you along every NXT step of the way.


Hear From Sports Psychologist Dr. Jarrod Spencer