Melinda Harrison PPC, OLY

Melinda Harrison is a professional certified ICF PCC Level Executive Coach and facilitator with extensive experience on goal discovery and pathways to attainment.

Drawing from her progressive research, Melinda has deep insights on both the critical aspects that make up success as well as the transitional elements that people experience. In 2015, she completed over 100 structured interviews with individuals who had successfully transitioned from a major accomplishment(s) to a new challenge.

This research included the experiences from included a broad spectrum of athletes such as Olympians – including several medalists, World Championship medalists, athletes from NFL, MLS, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, Cycling and NCAA athletes. It also included cancer survivors and individuals who have experienced an addiction or survived a significant tragedy. From these stories she authored a book titled “Personal Next” – aimed at aiding athletes and other high-performers through transition. She is also using what she learned from this research in the development of her onlinet programs and in her coaching practices.

In combination with her business experience, background as an Olympic athlete (Los Angeles 1984), board experience and her entrepreneurial and community successes, she brings commitment and accountability to each client. Melinda loves coaching – working with individuals and teams to create a deeper self-awareness, develop opportunities and move towards goals.

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