By: Alex Krushelnyski On: April 23, 2020

On the road to becoming a professional athlete, you’re always preparing for what’s next. Whether it be an amateur advisor guiding you through the steps of youth hockey, an agent helping you climb the ranks to the NHL, or maybe it’s just that next contract, next bonus, maybe even your next Stanley Cup. No matter what stage it is, hockey players are always preparing for what’s next.

But what I found interesting is that nobody ever talks about what’s next after your pro career – and I wanted to know why.

For the player, we’re so focused on the parts of our daily lives that make us successful on the ice – we know what time to wake up, what time to be at the rink, when to eat our pre game meals, and how to take care of our bodies. But while we may have the perfect science to prepare for our next game, we aren’t as aware of the perfect plan for how to prepare for life after our last game.

But what else contributes to this? Business. The business of sports fixates on the playing career and notoriety of athletes. We see it everywhere – billboards, commercials, advertisements – this is how sports grow their audience and operate as a business.

At NXT, we don’t view this as hindering our mission in any way. Our message to our athletes is this – maximize the advantages available during your career to set yourself up; venture in business, grow your brand, volunteer for a charity – but do it all with purpose. Align your business ventures with your own individual passions and purpose. The more you explore this passion during your career, the more your life will have the ability to expand post career.

Being conscious about life after sports does not mean we want that day to come any sooner. We want you to have the longest career you possibly can – and we know you’ll have the most opportunities by doing so. But whether your career lasts 3 years or 15 years, we don’t want you to just “survive” your days after sports, we want you to really enjoy them, with purpose and fulfillment.

“When it comes to the stigma of life after hockey, the conversation is evolving – and we want to be a part of that conversation. Players want more, and players deserve more.” – Alexander Krushelnyski

At NXT Sports Group, we empower our athletes to not fear life after sports. We want you to still have a team you can rely on when you need it. We believe your agent should never stop working for you – which is why we’ve collaborated with a team of professionals to help players for life. At NXT, we prepare for what’s next, and we’ve found a way to do it for everyone.

The questions we answer for you will just become different. There might be a day when you’re asked to endorse a brand, maybe you’re getting ready to buy your first home and need help planning a budget, maybe you’re investing in a new company and don’t understand how taxes work, or maybe you just need help finding your purpose.

The reality is, our bodies cannot physically play forever. Whether you made $50 million dollars in your career, or $50,000, you still need something to fill your days with. Because one day, the bright lights will dim, but your next chapter is just beginning.