Where athlete representation goes beyond contract negotiation

NXT Professional Services

What We Do

NXT is a full service sports agency that was built on the principle that athlete representation should go beyond contract negotiation. We manage our athletes in a strategic fashion so that they may find success during their careers and live purposeful lives post-career.

Through our own experience as players, along with our close industry relationships, we know what athletes want and need out of their agent – and we’re here to put them in the best position possible to succeed.

We differentiate ourselves by going beyond the status quo of player advising by shining the spotlight on mental health; including sports performance psychology, emotional health, as well as success coaching to assist players with their transitions into life after sports. In addition, we provide our athletes with fundamental resources in financial planning, protection planning, tax planning, and more.

NXT Sports Group is an agency created for players, by players. Our vision is to create a world where every athlete can feed their purpose – first, by getting the most out of their playing careers while the bright lights are on – and then seamlessly transitioning once those bright lights turn off.


Athlete Representation

We're here whenever you need us. 24/7 365. Every client that is represented by NXT Sports has access to one of our agents on staff whenever they need.

Life After Sports

Find your purpose once you've finished playing can take time. Melinda Harrison has proficient experience working with athletes to help them continue navigating the pathways to success post career.

Contract Negotiation

At NXT Sports our clients are involved in the process. NXT prides itself on transparency and integrity while negotiating contracts to put players in opportunities to succeed.

Mental Health

Our top priority is for athletes to have great careers, and to enjoy themselves while doing it. Our partners in multiple areas have experience helping athletes sustain mental clarity on and off the ice

Sport Performance Psychology

NXT has teamed up with sports psychologist, Dr. Jarrod Spencer, who has had great success working with professional athletes to enhance a ``clearer mind, and better performance.``

Family Advisory Services

We assist families navigating amateur leagues; AAA, High School Hockey, Juniors, NCAA. Our staff has adept experience and we take pride in our athlete's development paths

Personal Brand Managment

Endorsements, social media managing, brand management to brand partnerships; NXT Sports assists in helping our clients grow their personal brands as professional athletes

Financial Services

Each athlete requires a plan best suited for them. We've partnered with financial and insurance experts who developed a simple plan for all of our athletes to do what works best for them