How we developed the perfect formula for athletes

Where athlete representation goes beyond a contract negotiation

Who We Are

NXT was founded by former professional hockey players on a mission to revitalize the relationship between athlete and agent – by prioritizing not only their success during their careers, but also after. In addition to our founders and certified player agents, the NXT team includes dedicated specialists in mental health, sports performance psychology, financial services, insurance, legal, and post-career transitional mentoring. All of our specialists are former professional athletes and/or Olympians who have first-hand experience in our mission and share our same enthusiasm in improving the livelihood, well-being, performance and mental stamina of athletes everywhere.

What We've Found

We know there is a unique set of demands that professional athletes are challenged with on a daily basis. What we’ve found is that it’s not always clear what resources players have to help them overcome these challenges – we believe we can improve this. We felt that agents can be more involved every step of the way. At NXT we brought these resources together all in one place to give athletes easy access to every advantage they can gain. We also felt that athletes should never feel like he/she is not in control of their own fate. We strive to make good advice and real help available to ever player in pursuit of their goals – on and off the ice.

Why Us

We believe that sports representation should go beyond a contract negotiation. We help our athletes meet and exceed the demands they face in their athletic careers and personal lives. Once you become an NXT athlete, you’ll meet our team to learn how we can help you on your journey.  Our vision is to manage athletes in such a way that they may build their lives to succeed both during and post career. The greatest part about NXT is if you already have representation, you can still reach out to us and see how one of our team members can still help you at each stage of your life and career. This company was built to care about athletes when the bright lights are on, and we also care about what’s “NXT”.

How We Work

At NXT, our first priority is to execute first-class professional management of our athletes and negotiate contracts on their behalf. As former professional hockey players, we created this agency having stood in your shoes – we understand what athletes want and need out of their representation. Through our extensive industry relationships and honorable negotiation tactics, we’re well equipped to put our athletes in the best possible position to succeed. We’ll get the job done off the ice – so you can focus on your craft on the ice.

Through our Amateur Advising services, NXT Sports Group’s priority is to educate families and assist youth hockey players in navigating the various paths to the NHL. We understand that each amataur athlete brings a unique skill set to their own personal craft – and that no two players are the same. Our job is to find encouraging opportunities for our athletes to keep developing and preparing their talents for their next step – which includes, but is not limited to, AAA, amateur junior drafts, and the NHL Entry Draft. NXT’s family-style approach to youth advising is right in line with our overarching mission as an agency. Our process of guiding pre-professional athletes and their families is hands-on and based on experience. We understand the critical nature of succeeding in youth hockey – and through industry relationships and consistent due diligence, our agents strive to provide the best chance for your youth athlete to succeed in sports and in life.

Sports psychologist. Speaker. Author. Consultant. Dr. Spencer is committed to improving the emotional health of athletes. Dr. Jarrod Spencer serves as the sports psychologist for several professional teams, NCAA teams, as well as individual professional and amatuer athletes. Before earning a Doctor of Psychology Degree he earned his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychobiology. He is the author of Mind of the Athlete: Clearer Mind, Better Performance the creator of the Mind of the Athlete Program. Dr. Spencer has a heart to assist athletes in attaining peak performance through sound emotional health.

We found through our careers, and from our teammates, that there needs to be a better way to offer athletes the information they need to succeed in their lives outside of the rink. That’s why we’ve partnered with financial, insurance and legal advisors. We’ve created a simple process with our partners, so that each player will have a menu of services to choose from – so that each player can determine what might work for them in the short term, and long term.   Athletes spend their lives investing in the right resources to succeed on the ice, we’re here to also help them succeed off the ice. Our partners have spent years working with professional athletes, understanding that everyone requires a personal plan suited for their unique situation. Rob Martini, CFA leads the charge for our athletes as head of NXT’s financial education, while providing financial services for our players. Rob’s mission, as well as our partners, is to help all athletes understand how to prepare and protect themselves during their careers to keep building and strengthening their financial stability post career.

Life after sports is a phase every athlete will encounter. Our professional coach, Melinda Harrison, seeks to help high-performing athletes learn from their first pinnacle of success and help them achieve new pinnacles of fulfillment and true happiness in their post career. Drawing from her progressive research of athletes at all levels; Olympians, NFL, MLS, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, Cycling, and NCAA, she authored a book titled “Personal Next” – which also includes the stories of cancer survivors and individuals who have experienced an addiction or survived a significant tragedy. Her purpose is aimed at aiding athletes and other high performers through transition.  She has deep insights on both the critical aspects that make up success, as well as the transitional elements that people experience. Melinda loves coaching – working with individuals and teams to create a deeper self-awareness, develop opportunities and move towards new goals.

Our Team

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Co-Founder, Player Agent

Financial Education

Dr. Jarrod Spencer

Mental Health

Sports Psychologist

Post Sport Coach - Specializing in Athlete Transition

Co-Founder, Senior Advisor